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Quick, simple access to speciality care in Canada - no referrals needed

MoralityMed is a network of specialty virtual care clinics that helps patients skip the wait time of public and private health systems.

Finally, Accessible Healthcare For Underserved Canadians

We address extensive healthcare wait times in Canada by providing swift, judgement-free, and cost-effective online clinics. Plus, our prices are an additional 10% off for patients that use more than one of our clinics!
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LeanLife Virtual Weight Loss Clinic

Your virtual clinic for achieving your weight loss and metabolic health goals
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Finding Focus Virtual ADHD & Mental Health Clinic

FindingFocus is the fastest and easiest way to diagnose and treat ADHD in Canada.
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TeleCare Haus Virtual Family Medicine Clinic

Everything you expect from a family clinic, without the waits. TeleCare Haus is your virtual family clinic on demand
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MoralityMed Healthcare Consulting

As healthcare consultants, we offer many unique services to help support healthcare providers & businesses across Canada
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Accessible healthcare services while travelling, no matter where you are

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Women's Health

Virtual women’s health & wellness services by women, for women

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STI Clinic

Discreet same or next day STI testing with treatments if required

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BioHRT Health

Virtual services for hormone replacement therapy and services

What MoralityMed can do for you

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Access Specialist Clinicians Online

All of our clinics are run by highly trained specialists and nurses who are qualified to provide personal treatment plans or refer you to other specialists as needed.

Get Medicine & Prescription Delivered

In some cases, our staff are able to prescribe medication and have it delivered to your door quickly. No more waiting for appointments, just to wait again for prescriptions.

Receive Ongoing Care

We don't just remove barriers for getting your first appointment - we do the same for every appointment. All of our programs are set up to provide ongoing care as and when needed.
Maryam Akhtar
FindingFocus Patient

"I switched to this clinic from another virtual one that changed their payment system and became unaffordable, especially for those still in the discovery process of their ADHD journey. My experience has been fantastic so far."

Anne Lund
FindingFocus Patient

"I am very happy with the service provided by this clinic... I was able to get an appointment very quickly... Clinicians are understanding and empathetic, and the ongoing support and knowledge is excellent."

Ready to try Canada's fastest healthcare?

Select from one of our virtual clinics to get started, or contact us if you'd like healthcare consulting services.
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